More men than women said wife has the right to refuse sex – Family Survey

wife have right to reusing sex: Do you remember the story of Pink movie? A teenage girl mixes a lot with her male friend. She talks openly with him. They even go to parties with each other. one day at the party male The friend misunderstands the desire of the girl to mingle with him. The girl gets tired of saying no, but the male friend feels that there is no yes in her. From this begins the story of the girl’s suffering. The film strongly emphasizes that women No means no. No mistake can be made of understanding yes.

The impact of this film on the people, it cannot be estimated on a large scale, but at least Kerala is the state where men have become aware of the fact that women no means no It’s the same. This thing has come to the fore in the family survey report of the Government of India.

full right to refuse sex
TOI According to the news of Kerala, it is the desire of more men than women that the consent of women is more important during a sexual relationship. According to the National Family Health Survey Report 2019-20, 75 percent of men in Kerala believe that if the woman is not in the mood, she is tired, her husband is unfaithful or the husband has a sexually transmitted disease, then the wife has every right to do so. He says no to sex. On the other hand, in this case, only 72 percent of women feel that the wife’s refusal to have sex is justified.

Men do not lag behind in committing infidelity
In the survey, the conservative practice of the society is considered to be more correct even today by some women. According to the report, 13.1 percent of married women still consider the husband’s beating of the wife appropriate for refusing sex. On the other hand, only 10.4 percent of men consider beating their wife justified. In this case, only 8.1 percent of unmarried girls were such who justified beating their wife for refusing sex.

Men may be against beating when their wife refuses sex, but in this situation infidelity is justified by most of the men. According to the survey, 31 percent of men said that if the wife refuses sex, then he has the right to have sex with another woman.

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