Monkey did a wonderful pole dance on the mountain, seeing Jacqueline will also become ‘Pani-Pani’

Many videos of the innocence of animals are shared on social media (Cute Aimal Videos). After watching these videos, people are unable to stop their laughter. One such funny video is going viral on social media these days. In this, a monkey was seen doing pole dance on the mountain. The monkey was seen dancing with a swing. Seeing the video, people remembered from dancer and actress Nora Fatehi to Jacqueline Fernandes.

This video going viral was first shared on Instagram on a page named @discover.animal. After this the video was shared on @adorable.monkey. In the video, the monkey was seen dancing hanging from a piece of wood on the hill. This monkey was dancing while swinging. People are very much liking this short video.

Instagram users commented fiercely on this video. One person wrote that whether someone is watching you or not, similarly you should do your work in fun. One user wrote that this is the real enjoyment. The video is touching people’s heart. It has been seen millions of times till this. Apart from this, many people also shared it.

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