Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu wants to date such a boy, counting quality

Mumbai: Every Indian’s head held high with pride when Harnaaz Sandhu won the Miss Universe 2021 crown earlier this month. Harnaaz has brought the crown of Miss Universe to India after 21 years. She is the third Indian to win this title. Before him, Sushmita Sen in 1994 and then Lara Dutta in 2000 won this title.

Harnaaz wants to meet Sushmita and Lara soon
Harnaaz Sandhu talked about his Bollywood plans in an interview to India Today. When Harnaaz was asked whether Sushmita Sen or Lara Dutta wished her, she said that we all saw how beautifully she had wished. Of course, we will meet him soon, as we are all busy with our work and then there is Kovid.

Harnaaz Sandhu makes Indian proud by winning Miss Universe crown
Is. (Photo Credits: Instagram: @harnaazsandhu_03)

Harnaaz has passion for acting
Harnaaz Sandhu described himself as a person who wants to work for women empowerment. Apart from this, he has a passion for acting. She wants to play such roles, which will change the stereotypical thinking about women.

When Harnaaz was asked about the Bollywood plan, she said, ‘It has just begun, so it is too early to say anything. I think I will update everyone about this, because the decision I take now should be very thoughtful. So, don’t worry, Harnaaz will update you.

Harnaaz likes such boys
When Harnaaz was asked who she would like to date a powerful old rich man and struggling young man, she said, ‘I think I would like to date a struggling young man. The reason is that I myself have struggled and will continue to fight. As a human being, I believe that it is necessary to struggle and only then we can give importance to our achievements.


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