Minissha Lamba revealed about her love life, said- ‘It is exciting and beautiful’

New Delhi: Minissha Lamba made headlines in July this year when she revealed that she is dating a guy named Akash Malik. Interestingly, the two first met in 2019 at a poker championship event. The actress told during a conversation that she has found her love, about which she is very excited.

Talking to ETimes, Minissha said, ‘Yes, I have found love and I am happy. I feel blessed every day. Minissha is living in a live-in relationship with Akash. They had agreed to live together a few days back. Earlier, they had left for Goa for a romantic date. Confirming that she and Akash are in a live-in relationship, Minissha says, “It’s very exciting, cute and beautiful.”

A friend of Lamba has said, ‘Minisha and Akash live at Minisha’s house in Mumbai or they stay at Akash’s house in Delhi. It depends on the circumstances. Sometimes they are here, sometimes there, but they are completely in love and very happy with each other. Touch Wood.’

Let us tell you that Minissha and Akash were only friends earlier. Initially, they did not even call each other and interacted with each other during poker games. They saw each other during a game about 17-18 months ago. Only after some conversation, they started meeting. Akash is a businessman from Delhi, who has no connection with the film industry far and wide.

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