Men and women should do this work on the new year, change the thinking of the society

Some tasks are fixed as soon as they are born. These jobs are divided according to gender. Society decides which work should be done by men and which by women. As the age progresses, the society starts making a different picture of it such that men and women should live separately from each other, their behavior should look different, their dressing style should be different, their responsibilities also. They should be different, their expressions should also look different. Now it is a matter to think that why is one type of gender seen in a fixed scale. Although people accept and accept the rules set by the society. Let us tell you what are the common beliefs related to gender roles and how these rules have changed over time. Now men and women should do these things while changing the thinking of the society on the new year.

Dress for yourself, not to please people
Earlier, if a man used to dress like a girl, then he was seen with a different eye, but now it has become a fashion statement. Earlier it was not considered good to use makeup by men, but now many types of makeup products are also used by men. On the other hand, women who were earlier limited to dresses and skirts are now wearing loose pants and hooded pullovers. She even carries coat pants and jackets like boys.

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anyone can make money
The number of such fathers who take care of the children and also do household chores is now increasing in comparison to the mother. Earlier it was believed that women would take care of household chores and children, but now the time has changed. Now both men and women go out of the house to earn money and men also help women in household chores.

your feelings are not just yours
Earlier it was believed that men are powerful. He was always expected to show courage. They did not have to be weak at any point, but now emotional or weak men are not considered any different. At the same time, there is nothing wrong in that a woman should solve a major problem alone or a man cannot cry when he is sad.

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Adventure and hobbies are for everyone
Today women can also lift heavy items and men can also design something new or decorate the house. In today’s time, men who prefer to do yoga at home instead of working out in the gym are not considered weak. Women do not need any superpower to drive fast. She can do any work easily. Even a racer can drive a car or a sports bike.

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