Meet the ‘Kumbhakarna’ of Kali Yuga, not with curse, because of this disease, the condition is bad

The 17-year-old Acha, who lives in Indonesia, does not stay awake for 13 days. Because of this, he is called Kumbhakarna of Kali Yuga.

17 year old Echa living in Indonesia can be called Kumbhakarna of Kali Yuga. If Echa falls asleep once, she does not wake up for several consecutive days. Echa has a record of sleeping for 13 consecutive days. She is also called Real Life Sleeping Beauty.

You must have seen and heard about Kumbhakarna in Ramayan. If Ravana’s brother Kumbhakarna slept once, he would not wake up for several days and months. A lot of hard work had to be done to lift it. Like Kumbhakarna, Echa, who hails from Indonesia in Kali Yuga, found discussion, which does not wake up for several days at bedtime. Acha got the buzz when Acha did not wake up for 17 consecutive days in 2017. After this, many such moments came when Acha slept for a long time.
Woke up a week later

Recently Acha, who lives in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, woke up after seven days. After getting up after a week, Acha has become very weak. Acha’s condition has deteriorated due to sleeping for so long. Acha has become very weak due to sleeping for a long time. Doctors got Acha tested in which no disease was seen.

The reason is not knownThere is no reason why Icha slept continuously for so many days. The doctors are also surprised by Acha’s condition. But Acha’s condition is being estimated that she may have hypersomnia. In this disease, a person gets a lot of sleep during the day and spends most of his time sleeping. Hypersomnia causes many problems associated with the vein, as well as many physical and emotional dysfunction.

This happens during bedtime

If Echa falls asleep once, it is impossible to raise her. In her sleep, her parents feed her, which she chews and eats. When you have to go to the bathroom, you get restless in your sleep. After picking him up, the parents take him to the bathroom where he is captured and seated on the toilet seat. No treatment for Sleeping Beauty Syndrome has been found so far. But Echa’s parents hope that their daughter will recover soon.


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