Massive internet shutdown, many websites down including Amazon, Financial Times, The Guardian

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Several websites suffered outages on Tuesday morning. Websites around the world including Amazon, Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, CNN and Bloomberg were down. Users showed Error 503 message on the website. Preliminary reports said that this technical flaw has come to the fore due to a problem with a private CDN (Content Delivery Network). More information is being obtained about this.

Explain that content delivery networks are considered a basic part of the Internet infrastructure. These companies improve their web services through global networks of servers. Cloud computing services provider Fastly says it is trying to address the problems faced by the global content delivery network. However, it is difficult to say anything about why this problem has arisen. Nothing has been said yet about any cyber attack or other outside interference.

Alex Hearn, the Guardian’s UK technology correspondent, wrote on Twitter: “The content delivery network run by Fastly has failed due to a ‘massive Internet outage’. The problem started around 11am UK time. Error 503 message appeared on the website.


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