Many diseases will be overcome by laughing openly, the face will also look bright

Many diseases will be overcome by laughing openly, the face will also glow

By the way, everyone lives their own life. But some people are always in tension, then some people always live happily. People who are always laughing, have a long life, they always look healthy and beautiful too. That is why we are going to tell you the benefits of laughing openly today.

Let me tell you that by laughing openly all the parts of your body become active and you always feel healthy and refreshed. Laughter therapy is also a method through which you can always be healthy. Today we will tell you the benefits of laughter therapy apart from laughing openly.

Laughter can be relieved by depression, hypertension, headache etc. A person’s diabetes level is also under control by laughing every day. Because laughing brings sufficient amount of oxygen to our body and our brain. Through which new energy is transmitted in the body. That’s why we should laugh openly.

It is said that by laughing openly, many serious diseases like cancer are treated automatically. Because laughing exercises our body and face muscles fiercely. The skin starts to look bright. It also helps in hunger. The mind also becomes sharper. This enhances the memory of the person, so you too must laugh for a while.

For laughter therapy, you need to play applause while mixing your hand with finger and palm by palm and this applause should be played in the same tone. You are playing such applause, yes, yes, you can also speak.

Now, while taking your hands towards the sky, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through the mouth while keeping your hands down. After doing this, take deep long breaths again and stop laughing after stopping for a few seconds.

You clapped two or four times very good very good and spread your two hands towards the sky and shouted with joy. You shook hands with the person standing in front of you and laughed till you put eyes in his eyes. Until everyone started feeling happy. Thus laughter and laughter therapy have many benefits. Because laughing brings positive thoughts to a person’s mind.


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