Man started fire in underwear! Uncle’s private part burnt due to stunt

Many funny videos go viral on social media. Some of these videos are funny and some are shocking. However, many times the video starts from a different angle but does not end as it is thought. One such video is going viral on social media these days. In this, a man was seen doing stunts with burning wood. The man put the wood in his underwear (Man Put Fire In Underwear) and what happened after that made the video viral.

A man is seen in the video who had burning wood in his hand. The man first waved this wood in the air. After this he put the wood in his underwear while doing stunts. Placed the wood inside the pants for five seconds. After this, he took out the wood for a while and peeped into the underwear.

Accident victim while performing stunt

After peeping inside for three seconds, people laughed at what the man did. The man screamed so loudly that everyone was shocked. Where the person wanted to collect the applause of the people by doing stunts. But the opposite happened with him. His private part got burnt in the process of doing stunts. Holding the burnt private part, the person started screaming.

This video was shared on Instagram on an account named mhatre_aryan_42. It has been viewed millions of times so far. People also made many funny comments on this video. People are astonished that after thinking what this person had put burning wood in his private part. People are watching this video again and again.

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