Mamta said on Amit Shah’s allegations, she does not know mother Durga-Kali and has gone on to do politics in Bengal

Mamata Banerjee targeted Amit Shah directly


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday hit back at Home Minister Amit Shah’s allegations with a strong attack on the BJP at an election rally. Mamta alleged, they (BJP leaders) say that Saraswati Puja will not be allowed in Bengal. He does not know about Mother Durga and Mother Kali and wants to do politics in Bengal. Mamta also challenged BJP leaders to speak Saraswati mantra. Mamta also counted the names of many deities and said that she will teach them the lesson of Hinduism.

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Finished in Punjab, BJP will be eliminated in UP
Mamta said that those who indulge in corruption shout more. He said, I have never seen such a lying home minister. The Bengal government has distributed more than 18 lakh certificates under the Duare government scheme. After disrespecting the farmers, they ended up in Punjab. They will also be eliminated in UP. There is no alternative in Assam, so they are in power. On the question of the intruders, Mamta said, first check your certificate, then ask others.

BJP runs party from five star hotels
Mamta said that she never considered herself a leader. She considers herself a worker in Trinamool and is proud to be a student leader as well. Media channels also start lying in the morning. BJP leaders run their own party from five-star hotels and distribute them on the basis of religion.

Why the Home Minister is silent on the death of girls in Unnao
On the death of two girls in Unnao under suspicious circumstances and the critical condition of a girl, Mamta questioned why the Home Minister did not say a word on her. It is not easy to fight me. If you want to beat me and do politics, then for this you will have to take a thousand births.


Challenged Shah to bring his son into politics
Mamta Banerjee defended her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, saying that she was never given any special rights. He is a new boy. He tried to kill her in an accident. He is still unable to see properly with one eye. He told me that my family will never let you be ashamed. I feel bad that he is being abused because of me. I offered him to go to Rajya Sabha too, but he had said that he would do politics by getting elected. I challenge Amit Shah to bring his son into politics.

Do not allow outside goons
On the election strategy, Mamta told the Trinamool Congress workers, if the central forces threaten you, then forward the women and do not allow outside goons to come here. I will struggle on the streets and my booth workers will take care of every booth. BJP people are saying that they are being attacked everyday. We are not attacking them. His own people are angry with him. We will win the election of 2021 by record votes.


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