Mallika Sherawat ignored Gautam Rode for the first time, know what was the reason

When two actors meet for the first time, the atmosphere is always warm as they have seen each other’s work and a new project is about to begin. But this was not the case with actor Gautam Rode, who played the protagonist in MX Player’s show Nakaab. When Rode encountered Mallika Sherawat, who played the role of Zohra Mehra, as would naturally be the case with any actor, he went to her to say hi. But he was astonished as Mallika went away ignoring him.

Mallika ignored
Talking about the incident, Gautam said, “It was a very funny incident which I remember and laugh at because I was really amazed that Mallika ignored me. However, soon after the scene was shot, he apologized openly and said that it was all a part of Soumik’s grand plan.

a little warning would have been nice
Gautham further says, ‘I even told Soumik that a little warning would have been good, but I think he wanted us to remain in the character as much as possible and when I watch that scene today, it is clearly visible. that it actually happened. After that, her behavior was very warm and shooting with Mallika was a wonderful experience.’

When the scene ended, the silence broke.
Gautham further said, ‘Her onscreen characters give off cool vibes but Mallika was doing the same offscreen. When their scene ended, the silence broke and Mallika ran to Gautam and hugged him and apologized for that behaviour. He then admitted that in fact director Soumik Sen had asked him to continue in the character and ignore both Gautam Rode and Esha Gupta.’

Naqab to release on 15th September
Gautam laughed openly and then told Soumik that he should have at least warned him! However, the result really yielded an epic view for everyone. Let us tell you that the show ‘Nakab’ will air on MX Player on 15 September.


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