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Malik Review In Hindi: Sometimes you are not able to react after watching some movies. Not because the film was very boring, but because it becomes difficult to tell which emotion will arise in the mind after watching the film. When the film Sholay was released, most people did not even come out of the theater and talk to each other. Both the director and the producer were terrified. For the first three weeks, the film was not even running properly. Then someone explained to him that before today no audience in India has seen a film like this and so grand. They are not used to seeing such violence. Wait another week and see again. Something similar happened after watching the Malayalam film “Maalik”. The reason for this is not that the film is as grand as Sholay. The film has to show the reality in some way that you are a little hesitant to join the film.

Fahad Fasil has been made an atlas by Malayalam films for the time being. He carries the entire burden of the film on his shoulders. He is liked a lot because of his acting style, but once in a while he will also have to give the right that his chosen film cannot impress that much. The same thing happened with the owner. Many things are very good in the film but still the effect of the whole film is incomplete. The film keeps on being liked. Knowing about what remains in the mind. The owner is stuck in the middle of a better and better film.

When its promo was released, the film seemed to be a mix of action thriller and crime thriller, whereas the film is a political drama with a big blot of caste differences in the background. Ahmed Ali Suleiman (Fahad Fasil) i.e. Ali Ikka (Muslim in Malayalam language as elder brother in caste) along with his friend David Christodas (Vinay Fort) gets into illegal activities right from his school days. As the progress progresses, the social worker inside begins to blossom. He becomes the self-proclaimed messiah of his village and murders a local goon while trying to get the garbage piled up outside the mosque to build a school named after his father. His teacher mother gets angry with him and starts living separately from him.

Ali Ikka and David start making progress and their third accomplice in the illegal business, politician Abubakar (Dilish Pothan), keeps planning to evict the people of the village in the name of government projects by hiding behind them. If Suleman does not allow Abubakar to do all this by standing on behalf of the villagers, then under a long planning, a division is created between Suleman and David in the name of Muslim and Christian religion. Suleiman falls in love and marries his friend David’s sister, Roslyn, but a fight in the name of religion eventually separates Suleiman and David. For a long time, Suleman works for the whole village, but in the end the leaders who take advantage of his illegal business become the reason for his downfall. He dies in jail.

The story seems simple. Directed by Mahesh Ramnarayan himself. Maalik cannot be called a film, but a story of a small boy growing up to succeed in illegal businesses and fighting for the people of his village. By not focusing on any one character, the writer has taken the story forward with the help of many important characters. Fahad’s acting is as good as ever. Acts with eyes and adopts his new mannerism in every character. In this film, the lameness of a broken leg has been included due to the weight of the burden and the beating from the police. Seeing the leader of a gang taking an injection with an insulin pen makes him feel human.

Before going on the Haj pilgrimage, he gives his daughter a list of tasks, that too written on her hand, which he asks to take a photo from the mobile. Senior actress Jalja has played the role of Fahad’s mother. She is not the Nirupa Roy of the wall who keeps giving moral lectures to her son. She is not even Rohini Hattangadi of Agneepath, who keeps on taunting and abusing her son. She gets separated simply because of her son’s antics, but to save her son, she meets the killer and tells him her son’s story.

Nimisha Sajayan is in the role of Suleman’s wife Roslyn, whose character travels from a teenager to middle age with Suleman. In one scene after marriage, Suleman tells them that I want our children to adopt Muslim religion, for this I need your permission. The scene of Nirmal Prem was very important in the story of the film. We recently saw Nimisha in Nayattu and The Great Indian Kitchen. Her acting is worthy of praise in this film as well because in the film she is seen more in the background and also fights against the system with full force for her husband. Joju George who is a potato vegetable in Malayalam films. They are served every time and the taste is so good that the onlookers get to enjoy it. In this film, he has become the collector of Suleman’s village, who supports Suleman because of his social service work, but Suleman remains more committed to his village. Suleman being attacked because of politics, Suleman’s son being killed by the police, and in many such incidents Joju George made a small impact in the film as Collector Anwar Ali.

Along with director Mahesh, cinematographer Sanu John Varghese has to be commended for saving Maalik from being a typical gangster film. There isn’t a single shot in which the camera delivers a “filmy” look. The camera gets involved in the story while watching the events around them with an untouched eye. In the first scene of the film itself, two dogs are shown beating their mouths on the thrown food and from there two people are bringing mutton biryani filled with a cauldron. The tone of the story is understood in one scene itself. The editor of the film is Mahesh Ramnarayan himself. The film is long. There are many incidents, 3 flashbacks, the time period from 1960 to 2002 is shown – there are many things that Mahesh as editor has added to the story very well. In between, some scenes are a bit loose because the dialogues have become long in it. Mahesh’s success as an editor is that you cannot get bored with the film.

The film was earlier supposed to be done by Dulquer Salmaan but it is a matter of luck that Fahad, the hero of Mahesh’s first two films (Take Off and See You Soon), became the owner in the end. Fahad had reduced about 12 kilos for the film. In Kerala, sea-side land grabbing by big industrialists continues and efforts to stop the illegal sand mining business have been going on for years. Mahesh wrote the screenplay inspired by the story of one such businessman from Kerala who wants to save the people of his village against this system. The film also depicts the devastation caused by the tsunami that comes as a result of the capture of the sea.

There is a lot to see in the film. It takes more time. The story is made up of many short stories, so it flows in the style of a biography. From watching a simple boy set up a business of illegal trades without extravagant drama and dialogue, caste riots, inter-religious love story and marriage, child loss, police brutality, politics of chess and many more aspects that connect the owner. keep the. Look, it’s a good movie.

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