Maharani Review: There is no room for innovation in political drama.

Maharani Review: For the last few 7-8 years, political consciousness in our country has reached the growing middle class houses and their bedrooms. The middle class was familiar with such things as elections, political stakes, contracts, corruption, but neither did he talk nor participate on these subjects. Nowadays, politics has become such that every person has started making political comments on everything about the country through his smartphone and social media. In such an environment, when you get to see a politics-based web series or a film, then the chances of getting any kind of innovation in it are almost nil. Producer Subhash Kapoor’s new web series Maharani on Sony Live is more or less the same, while the web series is worth watching.

In 1975, Gulzar made a political film called Aandhi, in which Suchitra Sen’s character was said to be based on Indira Gandhi. From there till now, we have seen films like The Accidental Prime Minister based on the tenure of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi, a biopic based on the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although, apart from films of political background like Yuva, Rajneeti, Gulal or Maachis, many successful films based on politics have been produced in Punjab and South India, such experiments have been reduced in Hindi films. Ever since OTT platforms have come, the content based on politics has become full. The famous web series Tandava or the story of a political family like Mirzapur or City of Limits, some of the content was very good, some very nonsense. Those who watch ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix in English may find Hindi content to be weak. Amidst all this, the new web series has knocked over Sony Liv – Maharani.

It is the story of Bihar politics of the 80s and 90s. If you see thick, then the story seems to be influenced by the stories that happened in the life of the famous public leader Lalu Yadav and his religious wife Rabri Devi. Caste-based politics, forward-backward, upper caste, low caste, untouchability, Naxalism at the instigation of the government, unprecedented corruption, vacant government treasuries, politics of change, the police considered to be incompetent among the massacres in the villages and its There is a sweet story between politics, Maharani.

Chief Minister Bhima Bharti (Soham Shah) is the husband of Rani Bharti (Huma Qureshi), on whom two unidentified assault-fired bullets are fired during the worship of Chhath. In Bihar politics, there is an earthquake and many hyena and vultures start hovering in the hope of a corpse. This includes Health Minister Naveen Kumar (Amit Sial), Party President Gauri Shankar Pandey (Vineet Kumar), Governor Gowardhan Das (Atul Tiwari). The injured chief minister plays a trick and gets his illiterate wife Rani to be the chief minister. In the next story, how the queen, brought like a pawn on the chess of politics, faces bigger rivals than herself and also, with the help of her officer on Special Duty Kaveri (Kani Kushruti), decides to put personal experiences in front And runs the state smoothly. Huma Qureshi’s acting is maintained. He has the ability to act, but such places were less in the role. Huma had the scope to do a lot in emotional scenes. On the first day in the Secretariat, as the Chief Minister, he said that all men are giving flowers to a married woman, it does not look good. By not looking at the women in their party meeting, they think that there are no women in it… it feels good. Apart from this, there were many scenes like serving her injured husband, handling the children after the attack on the husband, putting her side in front of the husband, watching the children go out of hand, where Huma could do more good but sorry She remained a little behind there. An illiterate woman who counts 5 less 50 to count 45, she starts speaking 985 crores in a haphazard manner in 4 months… this thing is a little less digestible. The scene of making an illiterate housemate forced chief minister might have been a good one, but it has been filmed so superficially that the contradiction is lost somewhere. In this episode, when Huma gives a non-stop speech in the house, without caring about her opponents… the change that comes in her character suddenly comes… it kills the audience. .

Soham Shah is a tough actor. He has also convinced his acting in this web series. Only two places he expresses his opinion by not being happy with his wife’s decisions and his frustration is visible. He appears to accept the queen’s progress. Amit Sial had impressed everyone with his strong acting in Pagle Kathmandu Connection for a few days, now even in Maharani, many women are on the screen as a politician. Amit has a lot of potential but they are becoming a bit typecast. The rest of the characters are also good and due to the experienced actors, their roles also leave a reasonable impact.

There are some shortcomings in this series, which stings. There is absolutely no newness in the story. Trick on trick, change team, cheat, change party at the last moment or move like a trump card to turn your defeat into victory, similar stories are seen in this series. Since the 90s have been shown in the series, mobile phones were probably not being used so easily in Bihar in those days. A typical Babaji has also been kept under the typical Mal Masala, in whose ashram, illegal people keep coming. If there are glimpses of Brahminism, then there is also the corruption of the police, in which Bihar DGP Siddharth Gautam (Kannan Arunachalam) remains confused whether he is a Dalit, or has been posted in Bihar for 35 years and he is an IPS called from South India.

The problem of the Queen is that all the political maneuvers that are seen in this story have been seen by the viewers in some web series or film, so the change of color of any leader does not leave the audience amused, but it had to As we react. No one is surprised or regretted by changing the character of any character, but no one sympathizes with the queen when politics moves on the chess. With illustrious simplicity, when the illiterate queen, for the first time, became the chief minister. If you take an oath, then it seems dramatic to get stuck repeatedly and try to pronounce difficult words in Hindi. The possibilities were endless in the Queen. It could have taken the form of a great satire. Bihar could do the work of keeping the politics of the state completely uprooted. The work that Shruti Seth did in Prakash Jha’s film Politics, a similar character keeps wandering around dreaming of becoming a cabinet minister.

Nandan Singh and Uma Shankar Singh have written this series. Subhash Kapoor of Jolly LLB has composed this series and is directed by Karan Sharma. Barring Subhash Kapoor, no one’s name has reached the general audience. Karan has run the story in a straight lane. Flashback is rarely used. Not all plots are equal and because of this there is a lack of weight in political activities. This was the first time for Karan to direct such a big web series and because of this he did not want to take any risk. His work is satisfactory, producer’s money has been properly utilized. Cinematography, editing and music are also good but unable to add additional effects.

Maharani has some abuses which is much less than any serial, web series or film with a background in Uttar Pradesh or Bihar. Bahubali and criminals have been interfering heavily in the politics of Bihar, they appear less in this series. By converting the fodder scam into a food scam, the producers would consider themselves safe. Generally, due to the absence of any novelty in such a series, it should be avoided, but still the characters who are in it will be fun to know what personality they are based on in real life. It seems that its next season can be made.

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