Long-term high BP is risky, doubles the risk of epilepsy: Study

Doubles Risk Of Epilepsy In High BP : In today’s stressful lifestyle, having high blood pressure has become a common thing. But according to a new study, high blood pressure can double the risk of developing symptoms of epilepsy in any adult. This study is in the ‘Epilepsia’ Official Journal of International League Against Epilepsy’. published happened. This study was done by the researchers on 2,986 people, whose average age was 58 years. 55 new cases of epilepsy were found in the study. All these people had the problem of high blood pressure for the last 19 years. Scientists concluded on the basis of the results of this research that having high blood pressure for a long time or taking medicines that prevent it also doubles the risk of epilepsy in that patient.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which a person has frequent fits. Seizures come in the form of abnormal behavior, loss of sensation and sometimes loss of awareness. Actually, this happens due to the sudden increase or pressure of the electrical activity of the brain.

How did the study happen?
According to research conducted at Boston University School of Medicine, after leaving participants with normal BP, they were more likely to develop epilepsy after putting them on anti-hypertension drugs. The risk of showing symptoms increased by about 2.44 times.

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Although in this research only the relationship between these two diseases has been told, but it is not clear how this happens. According to the researchers, more studies are needed to find out how this relationship occurs between the two.

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Conditions Responsible for Epilepsy?
Many conditions can be responsible for epilepsy. These include brain tumors, head injuries, infections, strokes and genetic conditions. However, in about 70 percent of epilepsy cases in children and adults, no cause is known. Other causes of epilepsy include forgetfulness, stress, anxiety or excitement, hormonal changes, certain foods, alcohol and photosensitivity.

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