Lockdown 5.0: The lockdown will continue till June 30, and about Unlock-1

Lockdown 5.0: The lockdown will continue till June 30, and about Unlock-1

Lockdown 5.0: The lockdown will continue till June 30, and about Unlock-1

Hello friends, the country has once again issued a lockdown to deal with Corona. The government has extended the nationwide lockdown to 30 June. Guidelines for Lockdown 5.0 have been released. Lockdown 5.0 will be from June 1 to June 30. The lockdown 5.0 phase by the government has been discharged way later. According to the guidelines, Lockdown will open in 3 phases.

Unlock 5 guidelines

Let us tell you that the government has permitted to open religious places, hotels, salons, restaurants under the first phase. But the government has permitted to open all these places with certain conditions. The government has left the decision on the state to open schools, colleges under the second phase. States will decide on this in July.


Curfew time changed:

Let me tell you that till now the time of curfew was from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM. But now the curfew will be applicable throughout the country from 9 am to 5:00 pm. People will be able to go from one state to another. People will not even have to show near.


Three-phase plan for unlock-1:

The central government has planned three phases for Unlock-1. The first phase will come into effect from 8 June. Under which hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and religious places will open with conditions. No decision has been taken yet on whether to start flying the same international and also open to people like the cinema hall.


Know what are the three steps?

Phase 1:


Public places and public places of worship, hotels, restaurants, and other services and shopping malls will be allowed to open from 8 June.


Phase 2:


In Phase 2, schools, colleges, training, educational, coaching institutes, etc. will be opened after considering them with the states and union territories.


Phase 3:


New guidelines will be issued to re-open all activities outside the Containment Zone for the next 1 month:


  • The dates for opening international air travel, metro, rail operation, cinema hall, gym, Mamoranjan Park, etc. will be decided based on the situation.


  • Economic activities outside the Containment Zone will be exempt.


  • There will be no need for a pass to go from one state to another.


  • This time strict instructions have to be followed:


  • Every person has to make a distance of 6 feet in public places.


  • Social distance in shops has to be followed. No more than 5 people will be able to stand at a time.


  • It will be mandatory to transport masks in public places and offices.


  • A large number of crowds will continue to be banned. But not more than 50 people should attend the wedding ceremony.


  • The ban on consumption of alcohol, paan, gutkha, tobacco, etc. in public places will continue.


  • Spitting in a public place will be a crime punishable with a fine.


  • Instructions have been issued to pregnant women, children below 10 years and the elderly to stay in the house.


  • No more discounts in the containment zone.


  • In the 5th phase of the lockdown, the tightening will continue in the Containment Zone till June 30.


  • There will be a ban on the movement of people here.


  • Contact tracing and house to house testing will be done in this zone.


  • Only essential services will be allowed in the zone in the container.


  • Buffer zones can be created outside the containment zone by the state government, where the district administration can impose restrictions according to its own.
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