Lockdown 4.0: lockdown till May 31, know what are the new guidelines

Lockdown 4.0: lockdown till May 31, know what are the new guidelines

Lockdown 4.0: lockdown till May 31, know what are the new guidelines

   Hello friends, the fourth phase lockdown has been announced in the country. The duration of which has been extended from May 17 to May 31. The National Disaster Management Authority issued an order on Sunday evening to increase the lockdown till May 31 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus under the provision of the National Disaster Management Act 2005.

Unlock 5 guidelines

   However, this time the central government has given several types of relaxation with conditions related to economic activities. According to the guidelines of Lockdown 4.0 issued by the Union Home Ministry, there will be a ban on public programs across the country. People who are employees can go to the office. School malls and restaurants will also remain closed. Try to work from home as far as possible.


Lockdown 4.0 Guidelines:

   According to the guidelines, the factory and industrial units have also got the lie to open. Scanning, hand sanitizer, and masks, etc. have been asked to be done at the time of entry and exit at the worksite. After this, the entire workplace has to be sanitized regularly. The ensured distance must be maintained between employees. After this, during lunch break, special care has been asked to keep a distance.


Depending on the conditions in the Containment Zone, other restrictions may be imposed:

   The State and Union Territory have been empowered to ban food activities in different zones as per local conditions in the Containment Zone. The state government has been given strict instructions that it will not weaken the lockdown instructions issued under the Disaster Management Act 2005 in any way.


What will happen in Lockdown 4.0?

[ ] Vehicles and buses will be allowed for interstate travel. States must have consent for this.


[ ] To follow standard operating procedures for the movement of people.


[ ] The decision to operate vehicles and buses for state transport will have to be taken by the state and the union territory itself.


[ ] Apart from shops and malls located in the Containment Zone, all shops are allowed to open at different times from Monday.


 [ ] Local administration should ensure that all shops and markets outside the Containment Zone open at different times.


[ ] In addition to all the shops and markets located in prohibited areas, all shops are allowed to open at different times.


[ ] The owners of all shops should ensure that their customers are at a distance of six feet from each other and do not allow more than five people to be there at a time.


What will remain in Lockdown 4.0 and will be banned:

[ ] Restrictions on the metro, rail services will continue till 31 May.


[ ] Schools, colleges, teaching, training, coaching institutes, etc. will remain closed. But online and distance education will be allowed. And they will also be promoted.


[ ] The ban on all domestic and international air travel will continue. But for domestic healthcare services, domestic air ambulances and air services will be used for security reasons approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs.


[ ] Hotel, restaurant, and other services will remain closed. Only those who are allowed to use health, police, government officials, health workers, people trapped in other places, and home delivery of restaurant food will be allowed.


[ ] All religious places will remain closed to the public. There will be a strict ban on religious seating.


[ ] All social, political, sports-related, entertainment, educational, cultural, religious and all other crowd gathering programs will be banned.


[ ] All cinema halls, shopping malls, gyms, amusement parks, bars, auditoriums, etc. will all be closed.


[ ] Essential services and all others will be prohibited from leaving the house in the country between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am.


[ ] People over 65 years of age and suffering from serious illness and pregnant women and children below 10 years stayed in their homes.


Some new changes were made in Green, Orange and Red zones:

[ ] Green, orange, and red zones can now be decided by the state and union government. For this, they have to follow the standards laid down by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.


[ ] Containment zone and buffer zone in the red and orange zones will be determined according to the guidelines by the district authority.


[ ] The government has not yet decided to allow new shops to open.


[ ] Contact tracing will be done on a large scale in the container zone. House to the house will be monitored.


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