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  • This web series is four steps ahead of ‘Lakshmi’ in terms of boredom
  • Even director Venkat Prabhu probably didn’t know what to show
  • All the actors including Kajal Aggarwal are competing for over acting.

Published: February 13, 2021 03:40:50 pm

Truckers also sort and bring items. It was written on the back of a truck passing through the highway – ‘Basi flowers mein bas nahi / Pardesi balam teri aas nahi nahi’. It is a mixture of ‘Khushboo Nahi Kabhi Kagap Ke Phool Se’ and ‘Pardesise se na ankhiyan milan’. That is, the truckers also keep doing something new. Don’t know why the makers of horror movies and web series can’t do something new. The creators of the web series ‘Live Telecast’, which was launched on the OTT platform, repeated the same childish spectacle in the name of horror, after seeing which people started blaming ‘no more, just no more’. As boring as the so-called horror film ‘Laxmi’, which came out some time ago, ‘Live Telecast’ is four steps ahead of it. Since it is made by the South, it is full of loudness, over acting and gimmicks from the masala films there. This web series made in original Tamil has been dubbed in many languages ​​including Hindi.

Lifeless story, step-by-step sloppiness
There are so many failures in this tasteless khichdi of horror and gimmicks of TRP hungry TV people that the mind starts to feel dizzy. Why, alas why? Why and for whom was this web series made? So much clumsiness at every step.. Hesitation. The lifeless story keeps on hiccuping. The actors keep running without screaming and shouting. In the race, they do not even care what to do. Leave aside the cast, even director Venkat Prabhu probably didn’t know what to show them. He first wanted to make a film on a whisper story written by himself, but later converted it into a seven-episode web series.

live show of ghosts on tv
Kajal Aggarwal is the expert of horror show in ‘Live Telecast’. His live show named ‘Dark Tales’ on a TV channel has created a buzz. In this, the strange experiences of ordinary people are presented. When the TRP of ‘Dark Tales’ starts falling from someone else’s show, Kajal starts preparing for the live show of ghosts. The plan was that the audience would be misled by making an artist a ghost. But in the house where she reaches to shoot with her unit, strange incidents start happening. The lives of those in the unit come to an end.

Laughs at the thoughts of the creators
It is a pity that in the era of smart phones, some over smart people are serving such superstitions. In this web series that is more than three and a half hours long, where there is an attempt to create horror, the thinking of its creators starts laughing. Similar laughs were once seen watching the horror films that the Ramsay Brothers used to make. After leaving ‘Do Gaj Zameen Ke Niche’, the tired ‘ghost’ of his films became active again in this web series. However, except Kajal Aggarwal, most of the actors in the series are strangers to the Hindi belt. We considered Kajal a fine actress. She also seems to break the record of over acting along with other actors in ‘Live Telecast’. I don’t understand why some South actresses resort to non-stop chatter for what can be said in a couple of words.

no room for argument
There is no scope for logic in such childish web series. Venkata Prabhu has probably prepared this for kids and child like minded adults. This class will also not be able to handle ‘live telecast’. The script is very loose. Looking at some of the episodes, it seems that they have been pasted separately. When the camera starts moving around the female characters, the director’s intentions of ‘Kahin pe nigahein, kahin pe nishan’ get exposed.

-Dinesh Thakur

0 Web Series : Live Telecast
0 Rating : 1.5/5
0 Duration: 3.5 hours
Writer, Director: Venkat Prabhu
o Photography: Rajesh Yadav
Music : Premji Amaran
Cast: Kajal Aggarwal, Vaibhav Reddy, Kyle Anandi, Priyanka Nair, Selva, Daniel Annie Pop etc.


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