Like a lover, the dragon sleeps with its head on the girl’s lap, falls in love with a pat on her hand!

On seeing a snake, fear comes in the mind of a person (Snake and Human Relation). Whether the snake is small or big, people are afraid of it. Try that the snake does not reach near them. However, now many people have started raising snakes for hobby. But experts say that special care needs to be taken in this too. It is very difficult to guess what will be the next move of the snake. Many times the snake starts planning your prey while behaving friendly with you.

A video of a snake and a girl is going viral on social media. In this, everyone is surprised to see the snake lying on the girl’s lap with her head. The girl was seen comfortably running the mobile with one hand and patting the python with the other. This video surprised everyone. The girl was seen sitting outside her house. While the snake was seen crawling in the open in the courtyard.

This video going viral was shared on Instagram on an account named yournaturegram. It was shared on 18 September. This creepy video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times so far. Also, thousands of people commented on it. Based on the comments, it is being told that the video is from Indonesia. However, there is no clear information about it. At the same time, a person wrote that the python will eat this girl later. Many other users also gave similar warnings in the comment box.

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