LIGHT POLLUTION: Know why the light of the night is dangerous for humans and animals

-Light pollution affects the circadian clock of a human being, which causes depression, insomnia and heart diseases.

By: pushpesh

Published: 21 Jan 2021, 05:01 PM IST

world Light has its own importance. The sun is its natural source during the day, but there is increased dependence on other sources of energy at night. Do you know that excessive and unwanted use of artificial light leads to light pollution. The International Dark Sky Association says that unnecessary light has damaged energy, money and health. The United States emits 21 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from light every year, which affects the ecosystem as well as humans and animals.

Impact on humans
Artificial light affects a human’s circadian clock. This causes damage to the production of hormones, regulation of cells and other biological activities in our body. This can lead to dangerous diseases like insomnia, depression, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, breast and prostate cancer.

Effect on organisms
The birds often get distracted by electric light. Sometimes, they even get hit by colliding with buildings. The habitat of the moonlight also worsens the migratory sea turtles and the lingers.

What is circadian clock: It is the biochemical process or internal clock of the body, which is compatible with solar time.

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