LGBT: What does the color in the rainbow flag mean? 2 colors have been removed from the flag of 8 colors

LGBT: Historic verdict was pronounced in India on 6 September 2018. On this day the LGBT group got the green signal from the Supreme Court. Homosexual relations between two adults are no longer a crime in India. L- Lesbian (Lesbian) : love between two women, G (gay) – gay: love between two men, B (bisexual) – bisexual: it can be in love with both man and woman, T- Transgender: Those who identify their gender as they grow up, finally Q- Queer: The LGBT community is collectively referred to as the queer community. The flag of this group is very attractive. Each color of this flag made of 6 colors has a different meaning.

history of flag
This flag with six colors is the identity of the LGBT community. All LGBT people of the world use it to show their unity. This flag was recognized as a symbol of the LGBT community in 1978. By the 1990s, this flag became a symbol of the LGBT community around the world. This flag was first hoisted in San Francisco on June 25 on the occasion of Gay Freedom Day. San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker brought an eight-colour designed flag to the public. During that time, Baker said that through this flag he wanted to show about diversity. This gay flag was first created by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker at the behest of a local activist to give an identity to gay society. First of all, he made this eight-leaved flag, influenced by the “Flag of the Race” with 5 strips. Let us tell you, he died in the year 2017 at the age of 65.

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Meaning of rainbow colors in flag
All the colors included in this flag have some meaning. Which highlight the beautiful aspects related to us and your life. This flag includes red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple colors. Which looks like a rainbow. Initially there were 8 colors in this flag, but now there are only six colors in this flag.

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Pink: Symbol of sexuality
red: symbol of life
Orange: Symbol of Cure
Yellow: Symbol of sunlight
Green: Symbol of nature
Faroese: Symbol of art
Blue: Symbol of harmony
Violet: Symbol of the human spirit

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