Learn what is CT Scan? Learn the advantages and disadvantages associated with it

The second wave of Corona has engulfed millions of people. In view of the increasing cases of corona across the country, complete lockdown has been imposed in many places. At the same time people are essentially being asked to wear masks, clean hands repeatedly with soap and handwash, and adopt social distancing. Apart from this, it is also being said to increase the immunity of the body. Actually it is very important to take special care of health at this time. The number of people related to this wave is so large that common people are facing many difficulties from investigation to treatment. Meanwhile, in the investigation of Corona, the CT scan is also being used with loud noise. In a recent statement to news agency ANI, AIIMS director Dr Randeep Guleria said that repeated CT scan can be a big danger. He had said that corona patients are also at risk of cancer due to CT scan. Dr. Guleria said that after analyzing a data of radiation, it is found that people are undergoing a CT scan in three days, which is not right for their health. Let us tell you what is a CT scan, what can be its damage and what is the relationship with the corona. Also read: Drinking honey water provides relief in throat infection, increases immunity power

What is a CT scan CT scan is a computerized tomography scan. This is a kind of three dimensional X-ray. Tomography means cutting anything into small sections and studying it. In the case of Kovid, the CT scan done by the doctors is HRCT Chest i.e. high resolution computerized tomography scan of chest. Through this test, the lungs are seen in a 3D image. lets see. This causes the infection of the lungs to be detected quickly. However, doctors say that without a doctor’s advice, do not go for a CT scan or do not do it at all without symptoms. Not only this, it should not be done on the second or third day of corona infection. Unless the doctor advises, a CT scan should not be done at all. This can prove to be harmful for the body. Earlier, Dr. Guleria also said that patients with Coron’s mild symptoms who have been advised home isolation should not undergo CT scan on their behalf. Let us tell you that a CT scan reaches the radiation in the body equal to about 300 chest x-rays which can cause a lot of damage to the body if repeated.
Also read: Immunity power will increase as soon as you drink this juice, you will stay away from viral diseases. What is CT score and CT value According to doctors, the lower the CT value than normal, the higher the infection and the higher it is, the lower the infection. The ICMR has currently set the CT value 35 to detect the corona. This means that a CT value at 35 and below CT is considered positive and a patient with a CT value above 35 is considered negative. At the same time, the CT score shows how much infection has damaged the lungs. This number is called CO-RADS. If the CO-RADS figure is 1, then it is sub-normal, if it is 2 to 4, then there is a mild infection, but if it is 5 or 6, then the patient is considered to be Covid positive. Advantages and disadvantages of CT scan There are all kinds of tests in the lab while performing CT scan. Radiation comes out of these tests, which can prove to be dangerous for the health of the patient. This radiation has an adverse effect on health. Sometimes these radiation also affects other organs. According to doctors, special care should be taken while performing CT scan of children. Actually, children keep on shaking the body unconsciously. In such a situation, many times the investigation has to be done to find out the disease. Repeated CT scans can affect children’s physical development. -Some people get allergic after undergoing CT scan. Most of the time this reaction is mild. It may cause itching or rash in the body. Sometimes it proves to be very dangerous. -If you have diabetes and you are taking medicines for this, then you should stop taking your medicine before or after the CT scan. – There may also be a problem in the kidney by getting a CT scan done. If you have any kidney problems before getting a CT scan, then tell your doctor. -CT scan determines when surgery is necessary. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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