Learn how the person handling 39 wives in lockdown, this family eats 40 kg chicken with 100 kg of lentils and rice in 1 day.

World’s Biggest Family includes the name of Chana Family living in Mizoram, India. There are a total of 181 people in this family. It is headed by Ziona Chana. Everyone knows that the larger the family, the more the expenses. Now think for yourself how much money would be needed to run a family of 181 people? Giona Chana’s family expenses are very high. While Chana has 39 wives, she also has 94 children. If you talk about their expenses, then it is very expensive for them to eat and drink only. Although many of Chana’s sons work, but it is becoming very difficult for the family to raise money in Lockdown. In such a situation, we are going to tell you how this family is going through a lockdown. .

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