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Thieves stole gold and silver worth about Rs 1.25 lakh from a jewelers shop near Aggarwal Dharamshala in Ratia town of Fatehabad. This theft incident took place late at night by 3 youths and the whole act of the thieves was captured in CCTV footage on the spot. The police have started identifying the accused by taking CCTV footage. In the morning when the jewelers shop’s director Harbir Singh reached the spot, the shutter lock of the shop was broken and all the stuff was scattered inside. Jewelers shop operator Harbir Singh said that as soon as he went inside, all the items in the shop were scattered and gold and silver jewelery was missing. The missing gold and silver jewelery were worth about Rs 1.25 lakh. The theft was immediately reported to the police in the shop. The police reached the spot and investigated and a team of forensic experts was also called on the spot. At present, the police are trying to identify the accused who have stolen the CCTV footage by taking possession. .

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