Lady’s juice strengthens bones, prepare in this way

Lady’s juice strengthens bones, prepare in this way

By the way, most people like lady’s vegetable. Therefore, we prepare the ladyfinger vegetable in the house in many ways. But do you know that its juice is also very beneficial for the body. Today we will show you how to prepare lady’s juice.

Okra is rich in vitamin C, iron, folate, antibacterial elements, antidiarrheal elements and fiber. Therefore, ladyfinger vegetable is also very beneficial for health. If you prepare and drink its juice, it will also be very beneficial for your body.

To prepare okra juice, take five fresh okra and about one cup of water. Now wash the lady finger and clean it properly and grind the lady finger in a mixer with water. After this the juice is ready. You can filter it and drink it.

Let me tell you that lady’s juice is very beneficial for your heart. It controls your cholesterol level and relieves constipation. Okra contains antibacterial elements. Due to which it protects you from infection. It also provides relief in cough and sore throat. Okra gets vitamin K. Drinking this juice 1 to 2 times a week will give many benefits to your body.


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