‘Lack of trust’ behind conversation interruptions: Abhijeet Banerjee speaks to NDTV on agricultural laws

Nobel laureate Abhijit Banerjee spoke to NDTV on the situation related to agricultural laws.

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The era of the corono virus epidemic is not a good time to discuss farm laws. Nobel laureate Abhijeet Banerjee said this on NDTV on Monday. He underlined the “deep lack of trust” between the farmers and the central government, which was one of the reasons for the breakdown of the talks. Banerjee advised the Center to temporarily withdraw agricultural laws until there are signs of improvement in the economy. More “parliamentary discussion” can be arranged on this, especially with farmers, who fear new laws will be left at the mercy of corporate interests.

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He said that “I would say that the epidemic is not a good time for this conversation (about agricultural laws). The economy is shaky. People don’t know what will happen to agricultural prices especially in India or in the world in the next few years.” … It means that there is a downfall in the economy. There is a feeling of insecurity among all these macroeconomic concerns. ”

On the question of the failure of the talks between the farmers and the Center so far (with the Center unwilling to accept the demand of the farmers to withdraw the law), Professor Banerjee gave two reasons. Professor Banerjee said that “one side of the problem is that the government’s proposal has not been fully explained. Farmers think of a situation in which one or more corporates will recover from them. Whether or not this will happen , But this is the conjecture of all… but the proposal needs to be explained in detail how the government will deal with such incidents. Will they promise to take action under certain circumstances? “

“The other side is far more serious. In general, I think there is a deep lack of trust, and this is clearly coming out. It is not that they think that ‘well, the government will ultimately do good for us . ” He said, “And it is not unreasonable.”


Professor Banerjee pointed to the deadlock between the Center and the states over the payment of GST compensation, saying that the Centre’s attempt to “abruptly cancel” its liabilities was not successful.

He also told NDTV that given the state of the economy due to the Kovid epidemic, the Center should consider temporarily withdrawing agricultural laws. He said that “people are feeling insecure … and in the event of a bumper harvest and a shortage in demand, it may be a good time for the government to say,” We hear you. We don’t agree, but we Listen and we are going to take it back until parliamentary discussion is held on it. ”


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