Kunti of ‘Mahabharata’ created a sensation by wearing a bikini, also worked in B grade films

New Delhi. Even after years, if we talk about mythological serials, then the name of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana and BR Chopra’s Mahabharata comes on Zumba. These serials gained a lot of popularity. Along with this, the artists working in these serials also got a lot of recognition. At the same time, due to Coronavirus, these serials were telecast again. Seeing which everyone’s memories were refreshed. Many artists of Mahabharata are famous even today. And some are lost in the world of oblivion. One of which is named Nazneen. Nazneen played the role of Kunti, the mother of the Pandava sons in the Mahabharata. Let us tell you where Nazneen went missing.

Actress Nazneen auditioned for Kunti

Kunti aka Nazneen of BR Chopra’s Mahabharata belongs to a Muslim household. Nazneen was also a very good friend of actress Neetu Singh. Both used to study together in school. It is said that Nazneen used to visit Neetu’s house a lot. In the year 1972, Nazneen got her first film. Nazneen started her acting career with the film Saregamapa. Nazneen’s film journey started from here. After which he worked in films like Kora Kagaz, Chalte Chalte. After some time Nazneen stopped getting work in Bollywood and she decided to go towards TV.

It is said that getting selected in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata was not an easy thing. The actors had to go through several auditions and test rounds. Nazneen also auditioned and she got finalized for the role of Kunti. This character made him a household name.

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Nazneen did work with Jaya Bachchan

Nazneen created a ruckus in the industry by wearing a bikini for the role of Kunti. This is from the 80s. Actually, Nazneen played the role of Jaya Bachchan’s sister in the film Chalte Chalte. His acting in this film was highly praised. Also, Nazneen’s bikini scene in the same film created a sensation. It is said that Nazneen also worked in B grade films after TV and her acting career came to a halt at the age of just 22.

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lost from industry

The acting career of Kunti Nazneen of Mahabharata was very short. No one knows where he is today and where. Even no one has any information about his personal life. Also, no one even knows whether he is alive or not.


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