Kovid center in Gaushala, treatment being made with medicines made from milk and urine

Priority is given to those with low oxygen levels.

Patients who are found corona infected after a test in a government hospital are admitted here.

Banaskantha. A unique experiment has been done for the treatment of corona patients in Banaskantha, Gujarat. Kovid-19 Center has been opened in a Gaushala in Tetoda village of the district. Its name is ‘Vedalakshan Panchgavya Ayurveda Kovid Isolation Center’. Here, along with English medicines, patients are being treated free of cost through Ayurvedic medicines made from cow’s milk and cow urine. Patients who are found corona infected after a test in a government hospital are admitted here.

Patients whose oxygen saturation level falls to 80 are preferred. There is also a system of medical oxygen here. The isolation center has one allopathic, one Ayurvedic doctor and five nurses. All continuously monitor patients. Out of the 50 beds of the center, 40 are currently booked. There are 5,000 cows in Gaushala, including 90 milch.

Havan for pure oxygen
Center director Ramratan Maharaj says that Panchagavya Ayurvedic medicine is being used to treat patients. Patients are given medicines made from cow urine, ghee and cow’s milk. They are given food made from grains grown through traditional farming. Maharaj said that in order to maintain high levels of oxygen in the atmosphere, continuous havan and puja are done.

Different opinions of experts-
Assistant Superintendent of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital, Dr. Rakesh Joshi says that this system is better for corona patients with mild symptoms. Although Ayurvedic treatment in gaushala cannot replace allopathic treatment, none at all in patients with severe and low oxygen levels. Dietician Dr. Talguni Parekh says that this center is beneficial for patients who have been advised to be home isolated, as it provides organic food and good quality milk. He said that good food plays an important role in Kovid-19 treatment.


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