Kovid-19 vaccine can help protect against erectile dysfunction in men!

Covid-19 vaccine prevents erectile dysfunctionAmerican experts say that the Kovid-19 vaccine can help prevent erectile dysfunction in men. In erectile dysfunction, the male reproductive system becomes dysfunctional. ustoday According to the news of Kovid and erectile dysfunction, there can be a relationship only if corona patients have diabetes, high blood pressure or any disease related to blood vessels. Under normal circumstances, there is no research that can prove that taking the vaccine causes erectile dysfunction. According to the doctor, the corona vaccine protects against erectile dysfunction.

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No link between vaccine and erectile dysfunction
In fact, American pop singer Nicky Minaj recently wrote on her Twitter page that taking the vaccine causes impotence or swelling of the testicles in men. Since then, doctors all over the world have denied it. A study also claimed that more than 2000 men in Italy admitted to erectile dysfunction by calling. All these people had fallen victim to Corona. According to the news of USToday, there is no such research, in which it can be proved that the problem of erectile dysfunction has occurred in men after taking the Kovid vaccine.

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cause of erectile dysfunction in the bloodstream
Erectile dysfunction is usually related to other complications already present in the body. If the person is suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol or coronary disease, then it may be related to the blood vessel artery or endothelial. Broadly speaking, it can be understood that if there is a disease related to any kind of obstruction in the passage of blood inside the body, then there may be a problem of erectile dysfunction in such persons.

In this situation, if Kovid has happened, then it can increase the problem of erectile dysfunction, but if such a person takes the Kovid vaccine, then this problem can be reduced. After taking the vaccine, the body’s immune system develops an effective immune system against the corona. This means that if you have taken the vaccine, then you will not have symptoms of corona. Even if it is very minor, heart-related complications can also be reduced after taking the vaccine.

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