Know, why the demand for Remedisvir is increasing and what is its use in ‘Corona’?

Digital Desk, Bhopal. While the Corona virus is spreading its footprint across the country, the demand for Remadecivir is increasing rapidly in the markets. Recently, there was a huge rush of buyers in drug markets in many cities of the country, including Indore, because of the news of Remedesivir’s black marketing in many places.

What is remdesi

  • Remedesivir was created by the Pharmaceutical Gilead Sciences Company of America.
  • Remadecivir medication was discovered to treat hepatitis.
  • Remadecivir is a nucleoside ribonucleic acid (RNA) polymerase inhibitor injection.
  • But later this drug proved to be quite effective against the Ebola virus as well.
  • In 2020, when the corona epidemic caused worldwide devastation, remadecivir was used on corona patients, which turned out to be quite effective.
  • Actually, this drug prevents the spread of corona infection in the body, let us know that, in the past, WHO also approved the use of Remedicivir medicine for the treatment of corona.
  • After which the demand for this medicine in India has increased significantly.
  • During the first wave of Corona in the country, only 15-20 patients were given injections of Remedicivir, but in the second wave the figure has risen to near 80%.


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