Know why testosterone deficiency is the reason, symptoms and treatment

There is a hormone (Hormone) in the testicles in the body of men, which is called Testosterone. This hormone is usually seen as a form of masculine power. This hormone has a direct relationship with men’s aggression, facial hair, musculature and sexual ability. Hormones are very important for the physical, psychological health of men.

In most men, testosterone Hormone starts decreasing with age. According to an estimate, the testosterone hormone starts declining every year after the age of 30 and 40. Although there is no health problem due to this decline, but due to lack of testosterone hormone in certain circumstances, problems such as erectile dysfunction, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, etc. begin. Deficiency in testosterone hormone is called hypogonadism. The British Public Health System estimates that about 5 out of 1000 people suffer from physical problems such as testosterone deficiency.

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When testosterone is deficient in the body, men usually start feeling tired and lethargic. Apart from this, depression, anxiety, irritability are also seen in some people. In people who are deficient in testosterone, the most prominent symptoms are a lack of desire to have sex, complaining of impotence, not exercising for too long, and a decline in physical strength. At the same time, symptoms of beard and mustache are not common in some people, memory and concentration decrease.

This is why testosterone deficiency
According to myUpchar, hypogonadism is actually a special medical condition. It is directly related to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Testosterone can also be evaluated through some medical tests. A blood test is done for this. Normally testosterone hormone levels are not normal every day. There are fluctuations in this, but when there is a continuous decline, the patient should contact the endocrine specialist doctor. Deficiency of testosterone hormone can be due to diseases in the pituitary gland, chemotherapy for cancer, radiation treatment or any genetic disease. Apart from this, testosterone deficiency can also occur if the amount of iron in the body increases. At the same time, there is a possibility of testosterone deficiency due to excessive stress, cirrhosis, kidney related diseases, alcohol addiction, obesity etc.

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Keep a routine like testosterone deficiency
According to myUpchar, there should be immediate improvement in your routine when testosterone is deficient. Do not take too much mental stress. Due to this, there can be high fluctuations in the metabolism of the body, due to which one can feel tired. Apart from this, exercise should be done for 40 minutes regularly. By reducing non-essential fat in the body, the speed of testosterone depletion can be reduced gradually. Special care should also be taken in catering. You should not take food with high trans fat in your diet.

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