Know, why actress Kelly Brook is not getting married and having children soon?

Digital Desk, Mumbai. Kelly Brook is well-known for her role in the UK’s well-known model and in the US in the NBC sitcom One Big Happy. Kelly has lived with her boyfriend Jeremy Percy for many years, but despite this she is not keen on getting married or having children. This is revealed by Kelly herself. Yes, Brook said during an interview that, I have a complete list and I have to say that he is not married! Motherhood is not on my radar at the moment.

What did kelly brook say

  • In fact, according to a report by, Brooke told Notebook magazine that, I think, marriage and children are not the things I want. I like to hang out and be with my partner, I like to be working and independent and I like my freedom. I like to be comfortable. It is a big responsibility to have children.
  • Brook goes on to say that, there are many things that I like and I think marriage and children will prevent me from doing those things. I try to imagine what it will be like and when you have children it will be a big responsibility.
  • According to Brook, when you reach your 40s it’s hard to change your ways and I don’t think it’s for everyone. I’m never saying, it’s not on my radar. I sometimes think of marriage again and again, then I quickly forget about it.
  • Let me tell you, Brooke and Perissi started dating in 2015.


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