Know what is mansplaining, are you also becoming a victim of it?

You are a teacher of Zoology and are telling your students about the Reproductive System in a much better way, suddenly a Kulig who teaches your Hindi comes and tells you that it will be fine if Madam tells it to the children. How have you felt then, don’t you feel irritated? Let me say that we know more about you than this. If you are not able to give any name to this kind of behavior of your colleague, then we tell you what to name it. This is called Mansplaining. Yes, its roots are so attached to the patriarchal mind set that people are unable to accept that even a woman can be a master in her field, she can be perfect. Then be ready to deal with this kind of behavior, neither underestimate yourself nor reduce your self-confidence.

Where did these words come from?

The colloquial word splain of the English word Explain (Splain)Splain) has been in use for over two hundred years. But it became famous since the year 2008 when one of American writer Rebecca Solnit’s Essay ‘Men Explain Things to Me’ was published on He wrote this inspired by his party experience. Although Rebecca did not use the word mansplaining in this way, she described this behavior as “something that every woman knows”. Rebecca’s term did not stop here, a month after her appearance, the term appeared in a comment on the social network Live Journal and soon before the mainstream review, the term became popular among Feminist bloggers. The term was awarded the title of Word of the Year by the New York Times in 2010, and in 2012, the American Dialect Society nominated it for the “Most Creative Word of the Year” honor and did not stop here, adding it to the online Oxford Dictionary in 2014. Was taken

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What was the Rebecca experience?

In her book ‘Main Explanation Things to Me’, Rebecca has based a story of the party. .At this party, a man finds out that Rebecca’s latest book has come on the British photographer Eduweard Muybridge. During a conversation with the man, when she started telling him about his book, he cut her off in the middle and advised her to read an important book written on the same photographer like a religion guru, which the book itself Rebecca Had written In a way, that man was questioning his ability. She was not willing to believe that she had the ability to write that kind of book due to the mentality that had been going on for centuries. In this book, Rebecca has said that every woman has to face such behavior at some time.

Mansplaining means:

Mansplaining is a term that means to comment or explain a woman in a very simple way and forcibly, with extreme self-confidence, while showing a wrong or degrading special woman. Then whether or not you know that the subject or subject on which you are advising the woman, you are proving to be a lesser person, she is an expert of that subject. This type of behavior is the result of the imaginary thinking of a man that has been going on for centuries, where he thinks that women are less aware. We also cannot blame men in this because this thinking has been deep-seated in the society, men are given preference in doing any work better even if they do not want to. If a woman can do better in any work, then she is taken as a wonder.

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Is in existence:

Someone should say that it is nothing more than mainselling Shoshabaji. From the 17th century, things had started to talk about it, but at that time no exact word could be found for such behavior. It is also worth noting here that they have been in existence ever since the society was formed. The events of the coming days are enough to tell that the mansplaining is in existence. Now take this incident in which Anita Sengupta, the FORMER NASA scientist, was the victim of Mansplaning of Indian men on Twitter. He had given information about the overall science of robotic landings in places other than Earth on two missions to Chandrayaan. Shortly thereafter, Indian men began to spread their knowledge on Twitter, cutting off the talk of this experienced scientist of 20 years. Soon after, this scientist took to Twitter to share the flow chart of mansplaining, taking a dig at these men. If you have seen MTV’s Katrina Kaif and Ranveer Kapoor’s interview, then you must have understood how Ranveer was mixing Katrina’s questions. You may remember the 2009 Video Music Awards (VMAs) when Taylor Swift was stopped on the stage by Kanye West, almost snatching the mic from her hand and stopping her from speaking in the middle. There was also a lot of contrast and this video clip was viewed 23 million times.

Negative effects:

When a person starts doing a mainplane, it can make you feel trapped. There are two options to avoid this: either you get it under the hood or be prepared to feel hopeless and hopeless. Mansplaining can trigger feelings of annoyance and frustration. This can increase your heart rate. Due to this, there can be a change in the way your body responds to hormonal response. The adrenal gland is just above the kidney, when under stress it releases hormones such as adrenalin, testosterone, and cortisol. It can spoil your career. Affect mental and psychological health.

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Studies show that mansplaining has been happening

According to a paper published in the Journal of Language and Social Psychology, women are interacted more often than men during conversations or meetings.

Men dominate conversations during professional meetings. A 2012 study by researchers from Brigham Young University and Princeton showed that women spoke only 25 percent of the professional meetings, while men spoke on an average of 75 percent of the meetings.


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