Know what is kegel exercise, beneficial in improving sexual relations

Kegel Exercises is called Pelvic Floor Exercises. The pelvic floor contains the muscles of the lower extremities (bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum), which control the ureine portion. Also plays an important role in sexual response. Kegal exercise is very beneficial for women. Women of any age can do this exercise. If men want, they can also do this exercise. Let us know what the benefits of pelvic floor exercise can be-

What is kegel exercise
According to myUpchar, pelvic muscles are the muscles between the hips, which act to control the uterus, bladder as well as small intestine and rectum. Pelvic muscles are strengthened by performing kegel exercises, which helps in sexual dysfunction in women as well as urinary and uterine problems. While doing this exercise, the muscles of the pelvic floor are left for some time, then left loose for some time, in the same way as an attempt to stop urination. This exercise is also done in the same way. Learn how to exercise kegel

  • You can do this exercise by sitting or lying in a quiet place.
  • For kegel exercise, keep the pelvic muscles loose for some time and then shrink for a while.
  • Take special care of this that during exercise, keep the muscles of waist, abdomen and thighs loose.
  • It can take 5 seconds to shrink and release. Repeat this process 10-20 times. This exercise can be done 2-3 times a day.

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Kegal exercise is particularly beneficial for women
According to myUpchar, many women have this problem that urine can come out when coughing, sneezing or laughing loudly, which is due to loose pelvic muscles. This type of problem can be corrected by doing Kegel exercises.

Performing kegel exercises helps to increase excitement during sex. Nowadays normal delivery is less, mostly due to less physical effort. Due to less effort, the body becomes loose, due to which the muscles also become loose and weak. This is why many women are not ready for normal delivery, but normal delivery is good for the health of both the child and the mother, so women should continue to do kegel exercises for normal delivery. Apart from this, women do not have much trouble during menopause by exercising kegel.

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Benefits of kegel exercise for men
This exercise is beneficial for men in many ways. Like this exercise, like women, the pelvic floor is stronger in men. Blood circulation in their penis increases, which increases their sex stimulation. Through this exercise, sex capacity increases in men, as well as urinary control problem also improves.

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