Know, this can also be the reason for children to speak late

Many children are not able to speak according to their age as much as the rest of the children of their age are speaking. Some of these children are such that after seeing people, they start speaking slowly but some are not able to do so. Sometimes, the reason is their nature and physical development, which is different. So sometimes the reason may be something else. Which parents need to understand. Come here, we know about the reasons why children speak late.

Ear infection

If an infection has occurred in the ear at the time of birth or shortly after birth, it affects the ability of the child to speak, due to which the children start speaking late.

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Can not hear and understand properly

Sometimes children are unable to hear and understand properly due to a problem in the ear, due to which they start speaking late.

Born prematurely

Children who are born prematurely ie. They face such problems many times. They start speaking late, listen late, understand late and start doing other activities late.

Interest in other activities

Many times the child does not speak or speaks less but does all the other activities correctly. The reason for his low speaking may also be to take interest in other activities.

Neurological problem

According to the age of the child, if he is late in speaking and is not starting to speak even when he is living with many similar children, then there is also a possibility that the child may have neurological disability.

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Autism can sometimes be the reason for the child to speak late. If the child speaks little or no and he has difficulty in understanding the language, then he may have an autism disorder.


Many times the child understands everything and wants to speak but if he is unable to speak, then the reason for this can also be ankleglossia. It is also known as tongue-tie. In this case, the baby’s tongue is not able to move completely.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)


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