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New Delhi : The body’s metabolism decreases in winter. In such a situation, definitely consume those fruits and vegetables in which iron and rich nutrition are present. People who consume green vegetables and fruits according to the season remain healthy for a long life. If you also want to be healthy, then in winter, definitely consume the fruits and some vegetables mentioned below every day. Iron deficiency anemia is a problem that plagues many people. Add iron-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet that can help you fight iron deficiency

Iron deficiency fruits and vegetables in winter

1. Carrots
Carrot is more available only in the cold season. In such a situation, you should definitely take more advantage of this fruit. Carrots have the most carotene. It is also rich in Vitamin C D B E and K. It is very healthy for the eyes and skin to consume carrots. You can also consume it to avoid skin problems in winter.

2. Orange
Vitamin C is abundant in oranges. Vitamin C helps the body fight germs. By consuming it, the body also gets minerals potassium folate and fiber. If the amount of calories is less, then people who want to lose weight can consume it.

3. Radish
Radish is available a lot in winter. The phytochemicals present in it protect against the risk of many types of cancer. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. Radish has anti-hypertensive properties which work to reduce the problem of high blood pressure. If there is a complaint of BP, then definitely consume radish. It also contains potassium folic acid and ascorbic acid which protect you from many physical problems. People often get cough and cold during the winter season. To avoid this, definitely eat radish. It has anti-congestive properties which help to relieve sore throat, cold and flu.

4. Spinach
Vitamin K and B are abundant in green leafy vegetables like spinach. Along with essential minerals for the body, it also contains folic acid and ascorbic acid. Make spinach greens, drink soup, make juice, mix in salad, cook vegetables and eat them as you want, it is healthy in every way. It is also rich in iron, which does not allow iron deficiency in the body. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements are also found.

5. Guava
A lot of antioxidants are found in guava. The more guava you eat in winter, the stronger your body’s immunity becomes. It also does not cause skin diseases.

6. Banana
Eating banana during winter keeps blood pressure under control. Due to the high potassium, fiber vitamins in it, immunity is better. Banana also contains water which is useful for keeping the skin hydrated and nourished.


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