Kiss Of Death: The person was kissing the dangerous cobra, suddenly the snake hanged in the tongue

Confidence is a good thing but overconfidence is always bad. The result is never good. This overconfidence became costly to a person living in the North Philippines. He caught a cobra from the forest (Deadly Cobra Bite) and started trying to kiss it. During this, the snake bit him in his tongue. The person died immediately due to snake venom. He had caught the snake from the forest and was showing tricks to the locals. That’s when this accident happened.

The matter is being told of July 9. Bernardo used to call himself immune to snake venom. He claimed that snake venom has no effect on his body. By making the same claim, he used to catch dangerous snakes with bare hands. On 9 July also Bernardo caught a cobra in Pangasinan. He started doing stunts with her. While kissing the cobra, suddenly the cobra bit her tongue. Bernardo fell there. After that he died on the spot.

body turned blue
Bernardo always claimed that snake venom had no effect on him. But after this accident this thing was proved wrong. However, after being proved, Bernardo died. After the snake bite, Bernardo’s whole body turned blue. Her sister told that she did not even have time to go to the doctor. Soon after the cobra bite, his body got stiff and he died.

people killed cobra
This accident surprised everyone. The snake that was caught by Bernardo is considered the most dangerous cobra in the world. Its sting affects the respiratory system of a person and a single drop of its venom is enough to kill. After the incident, everyone caught and killed the cobra. Also, the family members have just stored Bernardo’s body. He will be taken for the last rites next week.

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