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The history of the dreaded and violent mafia in Japan is very old. The most prominent group is called “Yakuja” who try to prove themselves to be very civilized and sophisticated. The Japanese police have always been troubled by this group of body building, tattoos, neatly decorated prison hair and always wearing suits. With the passage of time there have been changes in the Yakuza and most of their time is now being spent in business, but in the world of organized crime, the fear of Yakuza is believed all over the world. It is said that enmity with Yakuza means to lose hands. In director Cedric Nichols-Troyan’s Amazon Prime Video release, “Kate” finds itself in the midst of a battle for supremacy in the Yakuza family, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a professional assistant who works as her mentor and boss Varick (Woody). Harrelson) gets caught in the bet.

When Kate, unaware of Varick’s moves, kills everyone and makes her boss Varick the real player of the chess game, she kills him before her death. Kate is an action movie. Tremendous action. After a long time, this type of action in hand to hand combat has been seen in a film. One thing that is very good in violent and action films is that after watching them, the audience feels very tired and falls asleep peacefully. The reason for this is the storm of action in such films, the viewer feels himself. Kate’s specialty is the blending of emotions in a very beautiful way. Despite being a professional assistant, Kate has a principle that she never kills anyone in front of children, even if she shoots secretly hundreds of meters away.

On an assignment, she hesitates to kill an older Yakuza officer because the officer’s younger daughter is with her. Despite all the protests, Kate kills her father in front of the girl, at the behest of Varik. Distracted by this incident, she decides to leave the job of a professional assistant.

In the last assignment of her bloody life, Kate misses a target because someone has poisoned her drink. Kate reaches the Yakuza’s biggest boss, Kizima, as she unravels this conspiracy of the poison story and tops everyone who gets in her way. To take revenge on Kizima, she kidnaps her granddaughter Annie (Miku Martinu) and then learns that Annie is the same child whose father was killed by Kate in front of her. Kate’s love for Annie awakens, and the story takes a twist when she learns that Renji, a colleague of Annie’s grandfather, Kizima, wants to kill Kizima’s family and take her place. Kizima then shakes hands with Kate for Annie’s sake, and finally after a fierce fight, Kate ends up killing Renji. Kate’s boss, who helped Renjie, has her last encounter with Varick, and she kills Varick before she dies.

Having a story in an action film is unique in itself. Kate is one such film in which gunfights, beatings, Japanese swords, knives and all kinds of weapons have been used. Despite all this, the story of Kate’s own childhood, Verrick making her a professional assistant after the murder of her parents, is depicted in a very realistic way. Knowing the fact that Kate is her father’s murderer, Annie’s hatred of her and Varrick taking advantage of this to make him a professional assistant like Kate is also a new dimension of the story that the viewers like.

Fans of the Die Hard series will remember Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She played Bruce Willis’s daughter in the 2007 Die Hard series film “Live Free or Die Hard”. Amazing actress. Her work in the action sequence might remind you of Uma Thurman (Kill Bill). If you want to see Woody Harrelson’s potential, then you should watch the web series “True Detective”. His parts in Kate are less visible, but when his secret is revealed to Kate in the climax, he has acted to defend himself, which few actors are able to do. The rest of the actors have also done a good job but Mary and Woody run the entire film. The film is written by Umair Aleem, who had earlier written a similar action thriller film “Extraction” in 2015. Umair’s script doesn’t breathe, it just keeps running. That’s all an action film should have.

The film has music by Nathan Barr. Nathan, who has learned music since the age of 4, not only composes music but also plays all the instruments used himself. His music in Kate has proved to be effective in keeping the pace of the film going. After giving music in many films and web series, Nathan’s hard work is clearly heard in making the soundtrack of this film. Kate’s only weakness is the lack of innovation in its story. The story of the hero or heroine fighting the Japanese mafia or yakuza is almost the same. If the emotional scenes are removed from Kate, then its action itself seems purposeless. Keanu Reeves’ film series “John Wick” has a lot to see in “Kate”. If it is not expected that there will be an amazing story, then the film is good.

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