Karnataka: Employees angry over not getting salary, sabotage in iPhone making factory

A case of sabotage has come to light at a factory making Apple iPhone in Kolar district of Karnataka. According to the news agency PTI, the employees of the company were angry due to non-payment of salary, due to which they created a furore. These employees work for Wistron Corporation, which has its headquarters in Taiwan. According to the report, the employees overturned the cars on the premises and also damaged the furniture.

Let us know that this iPhone making factory is located in Narasapura Industrial Area in Kolar District. A police officer told PTI-language that employees pelted stones, broke glass windows, damaged vehicles, furniture, computers and laptops on ‘pay’ issues. According to company sources, several employees were involved in the violent incident.

According to a News18 report, the workers claim that most of them work more than 12 hours, but only 200 to 300 rupees are given for 7-8 hours. According to the report, the factory was ransacked when management failed to address the complaints of the employees. Along with this, employees also shouted slogans.

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There is currently no response from the company to the case of this violence or salary. A trade union leader said that most of the employees hired on contract are not paid on time and they are also worried about salary cuts. Explain that Wistron Corporation makes IT products for Apple including iPhone 7, Lenovo, Microsoft and other brands.


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