Karan Mehra’s battle with Kovid was not easy, the report was coming negative again and again.

Kovid’s havoc in the country is not over. In such a situation, along with ordinary people, stars are also falling prey to it. Meanwhile, ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ fame actor Karan Mehra has told about his battle with Kovid. Karan told a conversation with Hindustan Times that he was shooting in Punjab and felt symptoms of Kovid but the report came back negative and it happened many times.

Antigen Report Eye Negative
Karan says, ‘I got the antigen test done which came negative, and after that I came back to Mumbai. Later I got the RT-PCR test done, which came negative. I was in isolation the whole time, and after that I got two more tests done because I was not feeling well. At the same time, we all thought that it would be just the flu. After this, when I was feeling a little better on the 12th day, then my Kovid report came back positive.

changing report
Karan further said in the conversation, ‘Five days later, when I got the test done again, my report came back negative. At one point, I was even laughing, that when I was feeling well, the report came positive, but it was really a difficult time. In these conditions, when someone is sick, he wants good care. I was feeling very weak and now the condition is slowly improving.

Karan lost relatives
On Kovid’s circumstances, Karan said, “I recently lost some of my relatives, including my uncle-aunt, my school principal, some faculty members, who shook me.” Some of my fans have also lost their parents, many people of my age have passed away, some were even younger than me. It is very sad to see these difficult circumstances. Such bad news depresses you and affects you badly. Thankfully I did not have to be hospitalized, but I am still nervous about Kovid. ‘

The answer given on the wedding ceremony
On the news of marriage, Karan said, ‘You think my health is not good, and in the midst of mourning I have to talk to the media while preparing myself, it was crazy. I was not in a position to do anything but things had to be fixed. Nisha was taking care of me throughout this time of Kovid.’


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