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Hoshangabad Actress Kangana Ranaut has come to Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) these days for her film Dhakad, but more than that Kangana’s beauty has captivated the beauty of Madhya Pradesh. Not only this, Kangana’s interests and STR were so much to Kangana that he called Satpura National Park better than Himachal. Actress Kangana Ranaut is in Hoshangabad and Betul in connection with the shooting of Dhakad, but the beauty of the Satpura Tiger Reserve has caught Kangana so much that she is constantly enjoying the beauty of the Satpura plains. This was also expressed by tagging Tourism (Madhya Pradesh Tourism) and CM Shivraj (CM Shivraj). Kangana once again expressed her happiness by tweeting photos and videos of the Safari of STR while praising the beauty of the Satpura Tiger Reserve with an open mind. Kangana said that I do not believe that India has a more beautiful place than Himachal.

Kangana took care of other wild animals including tiger

During the safari of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, Kangana, seeing the tiger and other wildlife and the forests of Satpura, said that I cannot believe that there are more beautiful Satpura forests than Himachal. Currently, Kangana is shooting for the film Dhakad in Betul’s Sarani. Taking time out from the shoot, Kangana reached Churna with her unit on Sunday where she did a jungle safari. During the safari, Kangana saw other wild animals including tigers and praised it fiercely. Seeing the natural litigants of Satpura, Kangana said that the forest and the valleys here are so beautiful that they attract more. There are animals here and many such animals that I have never seen before. Kangana once again thanked Madhya Pradesh Tourism and asked people to visit Satpura Tiger Reserve.

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