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Now it seems wrong to praise Malayalam cinema because after watching a film of this language, it seems that now what can be made different from it, another new film (Malayalam Movies) comes in this language whose story So different and so different that you can’t do anything except be bewildered. The writer of the film “Kaanekkaane” released on Sony Liv is “Bobby-Sanjay” who are both brothers, sons of Malayalam actor Prem Prakash and have won many awards for writing in film-television so far. In her second film with director Manu Ashokan, “Kanakkane”, all the main characters struggle with their made-up, assumed and cloaked morals.

This is the second film of Bobby-Sanjay and Manu Ashokan’s troupe. He started with “Uyare” (2019) on the story of Acid Attack Survivor Pilot. Before Deepika Padukone’s film “Chhapaak”. Manu Ashokan had indicated his extraordinary talent from his very first film. Uyare was liked by the audience, critics and awards…everyone. Together with Kanakkane, this team has again come up with a film in which the viewer tries his best to think with the story but if his speculations are true, it happens less.

The story is about Paul Mathai (Suraj Vanjaramoodu) and his late daughter’s husband Alan (Tovino Thomas). Paul’s daughter Shereen (Shruthi Ramachandran) was killed in a hit-and-run accident. The case goes on for a long time, then during the investigation, Paul learns that her husband Alan could have saved his daughter, Sherin, but he did not. The reason for this was Paul’s affair with Sneha (Aishwarya Lakshmi). After Shruti’s passing, Alan marries Sneha with the permission of his father-in-law Paul but keeps the affair a secret. To keep his grandson away from the shadow of such a false father, Paul wants to take him but what happens is the mystery of the film.

The film works like a thriller and mystery moving at a normal pace. Paul’s dialogues and scenes with his ex-son-in-law’s currently pregnant wife, Sneha, reflect the writers’ new thinking. In flashbacks, the father-in-law and son-in-law are shown joking with each other, but in later scenes, the tension between them affects the audience like a thousand mind stones. Paul is sorry for not being able to save his daughter. Allen is at fault for his affair and for leaving his wife tormented to die after an accident.

Son-in-law’s wife Sneha is to blame for Allen’s mood swings, the rifts in her marriage from her pregnancy and the tension in her awkward relationship with her husband’s former father-in-law. Three strong actors have given a new height to this film. The performance of all three deserves to win the award, especially that of Sooraj. The specialty of Sooraj is that he absorbs the role and then gets into it like a magician. He always looks like a new artist. Tovino is slowly becoming like Fahad Fasil. He appears in a different character in each film. Be it getup or mannerism, Tovino does wonders. Aishwarya Laxmi recently did a wonderful job with Dhanush in Jagme Thandiram. Aishwarya is beautiful and her acting seems to compete with her beauty.

It’s not that the film doesn’t have flaws. The character of Paul’s daughter, Sherin, ended very quickly. The equation between Allen-Paul-Sherin was not fully developed. Rangin Raj’s music is busy increasing the tension spread in the film, so the music of the happy moments could not be that impressive. Like in European cinema, Sooraj and Tovino express all emotion without speaking, only with the help of Rangin’s music and with their eyes. First a mistake, then an attempt to hide it, a misfortune to die in an accident, then an attempt to hide the secret behind it, a father’s helplessness for his daughter, after a little espionage and investigation and proven guilty when A situation is created in front of Suraj where he has to choose between the options of being right and taking revenge for the death of his daughter, then what difficulty does he go through. This movie is worth watching for such an amazing story. Anyway, there is no foolishness in Malayalam films, so seeing them may shake the minds of Hindi filmmakers a little, with the same hope… watch today.

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