Jordan eases entry for citizens of many countries | Ease of entry for citizens of many countries – Bhaskar Hindi

Digital Desk, Amman. Jordan has decided to ease the entry of citizens of several countries to support the state’s economy, especially the tourism sector.

The travel restrictions imposed on Albanians and Moldovans would be lifted and they would be granted entry visas through Jordan’s diplomatic missions abroad or through border centres, Xinhua news agency quoted Petra as saying.

Faria said, meanwhile, citizens of Nigeria, the Philippines, Colombia, Pakistan and Libya will be allowed to enter Jordan without prior permission, provided they are in a tourist group of more than five people under an approved tourism programme. Arrive.

He said that the tourist agencies affiliated to these groups should guarantee the departure of tourists.

Syrians will be allowed entry into Jordan after tourism agencies have duly submitted an application to the Ministry of the Interior, pledging to adhere to the group’s pre-arranged tourist program.



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