Jolt Review: There is a lack of idea in English films too ‘Jolt’

Jolt Review: There are two things worth remembering about English movies or Hollywood movies. One, their budget is very heavy and secondly, a lot of hard work is done in writing the film there. After watching the movie Jolt, both these things should be forgotten. Neither this film is of a very big budget nor the story in it is such that it should be remembered. It is a heroine-oriented film, there is no hero, the action also seems cheap and the story is completely poor.

Why is it that in American films, heroes or heroines and even villains often suffer from some mental illness. For example, the heroine in Jolt is troubled by ‘Intermittent Explosive Disorder’. Due to conflicts between parents in childhood, his brain is affected and the level of a hormone called cortisol, which is produced in the adrenal glands, starts becoming very high. Excess cortisol can make your mood violent as the glucose in your body rises and the body is filled with excessive energy. Cortisol comes in handy to manage the stress in your life.

Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) is the heroine in the film Jolt. We have seen Kate earlier in the film series named “Underworld”. She has acted in many action films and it is worth noting that she is now 48 years old and looks comfortable while doing action. Lindy gets angry when she sees something going wrong. This anger comes to an extent where she cannot control it and it turns to violence. After undergoing a variety of treatments, she meets a Dr. Evan Munchkin (Stalney Tucci) who gives her a device that, at the press of a button, produces strong electric shocks and can be controlled by anger. Lindy meets a boy she falls in love with and the next day the news of the boy’s death comes. She fights with different people all over the city with the intention of bringing her killers to justice, and when she finally reaches the killer, it is discovered that the game has been created by someone else, everyone else is a pawn in it. Lindy destroys the man and the entire building.

It is a very simple revenge story. Quentin Tarantino made ‘Kill Bill’ in two parts on such a story. Jolt doesn’t have storytelling like Kill Bill. Jolt is a straight line movie. There are no sub-plots in the story. The one who has been made a villain has no motivation to harass the heroine. The heroine falls in love so deeply in just two meetings that she clashes with the biggest mafia of the city to kill her boyfriend. Without weapons, she can wash a dozen trained bodyguards in hand-to-hand combat. She also behaves violently with her psychiatrist. It is not wrong to take an angry look of a girl who gets angry on every little thing, but the motivation behind her is wrong or rather weak.

Kate Beckinsale’s acting is good. She is very comfortable in action films anyway. There is not so much action in the film as it was promoted. Expectations could be made from the film but no special attraction was seen in the film. Stanley Tucci and Jay Kourtney as the villain do a little better. Stanley is a seasoned player anyway but he has to concentrate in his roles, always playing a scared person should stop him. For fans of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, David Bradley is also the main villain of the film, although his character comes and goes in the film very strangely. Scott Vasa wrote the film, his first film and is very weak. The layers that should have been there in the story are missing. Perhaps the scenes were reduced due to the length of the film, but that has affected the film. The director of the film is Tanya Wexler, who previously made a hugely popular film called Hysteria. His work in Jolt is weak. There is no innovation in the direction, and it seems to have been taken as a factory production. Rest of the departments are simple.

The audience does not feel any jolt in Jolt. In fact, after watching the film, it becomes necessary to give jolts because the films are very boring.

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