Jokingly, the husband got the son’s DNA test done, the person was blown away after seeing the result

There are many unnatural ways to be a parent in today’s time. These include from IVF to surrogacy. Those who are not able to conceive in a natural way due to some reason, they take the pleasure of becoming parents by conceiving in these ways. In this, the method of becoming parents through IVF became the most famous. In this method, the eggs of the parents are fused in an agricultural way and inserted into the womb. Through which pregnancy is done.

Conception through IVF has become quite popular. But there are no less cases of deception in this. Donna and Vanner Johnson living in Utah, USA, who were victims of such deception, were both parents of a child and they conceived for the second time through IVF. In this too he became the parents of the son. The couple was living a happy life with their two sons when their decision made in a joke changed their life. He jokingly did his son’s DNA test. The secret that was revealed in it set fire to his life.

The reality revealed in the report
Donna and Vanner jokingly got their 12-year-old son DNA tested. He was born through IVF. But when the result came out, it came to know that that son belonged to someone else. After seeing the report, the couple filed a case against the DNA clinic. It came to light that the clinic had mixed eggs. Because of this, Donna’s eggs got mixed with the sperm of another man.

broken father’s heart
Talking to, Vanner said that when he saw the DNA test report, he was shocked. In it, the name of Donna was written in the name of the mother and Unknown in the name of the father. Seeing this, Vanner started making a ruckus. When it was investigated, it was found that there was a mistake in the egg fusion and Donna’s eggs fused with someone else’s sperm. Both of them are heartbroken by this truth. The son whom he kept considering for 12 years as his own, turned out to be someone else’s. Now he has knocked on the door of the court regarding the matter.

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