Joe Biden will give shelter to those helping the US military in Afghanistan

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Joe Biden will give shelter to those helping the US military in Afghanistan

Washington: US President Joe Biden has announced asylum to Afghan civilians helping US forces in Afghanistan. But, at the same time, he said that first such people will be identified who have helped the US military during the war in Afghanistan. President Joe Biden wrote in his tweet that those helping America will help Afghan citizens. After the investigation, Afghan citizens will be sheltered in America and welcome to their new homes in America.

US President Joe Biden wrote in a tweet, “Once screened and cleared, we will welcome the Afghans who helped us with the war effort to their new home in the United States. Because that’s what we are.” This is America.” Significantly, after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and the Taliban occupation there, questions were being raised on the US that it left alone those Afghan civilians who had helped the US army.

In such a situation, with this announcement by President Joe Biden, America has tried to show the world that it is not going away with the help of those who support it. Let us tell you that after the withdrawal of US forces, Afghanistan is now occupied by the Taliban. There are 34 provinces in Afghanistan, 33 of which are controlled by the Taliban. However, the Taliban is yet to form a government. Conflict continues in some parts there.

Taliban on their knees in Banu, Afghanistan!

The Taliban, which captured Afghanistan’s capital Kabul on August 15, is now preparing to form a new government in the country, but it is getting a befitting reply from resistance forces in many places. The Taliban are facing tough competition from resistance forces in several districts. Fighting continues with Taliban fighters in Andrab, Afghanistan’s Baghlan province.

In such a situation, 50 Taliban, including the Taliban’s district chief, have been killed by the resistance forces in Banu district. Not only this, about 20 Taliban fighters have also been taken prisoner. Panjshir Province has tweeted that the Banu district chief of the Taliban has been killed. Three of his companions were also killed.

Panjshir Province further said in the tweet that there is a constant confrontation between the two groups in different areas of Andrab. In the Fajr area, 50 Taliban were killed and 20 others were taken captive. However, one member of the resistance force was killed and six others were injured.

Northern Alliance claims – 300 Taliban killed

Earlier on Monday, there were reports of fierce fighting in Panjshir. The Taliban has sent ten thousand fighters to besiege Panjshir. Ahmed Masood’s army, the Northern Alliance, claims to have killed 300 Taliban. This area has remained untouched by the Taliban till now, but now the Taliban wants to capture this area.

However, Ahmed Masood, son of Ahmed Shah Masood, who is called the Sher of Panjshir, stands as a rock on the way to the Taliban. Afghanistan’s Vice President Amrullah Saleh and the former governor of Balkh province also accompanied Ahmed Masood. Amrullah Saleh has threatened to look at the Taliban.


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