JioPhone Next may cost around Rs 3500, order 50 lakh phones

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has placed initial production orders for the JioPhone Next 4G smartphone, developed in partnership with Google, to UTL Neolyncs. The price of JioPhone Next is expected to be around Rs 3,500. The company wants to make more and more 2G subscribers in its favor through this smartphone. This has been said in the report of Economic Times.

Plan to bring the entire order in the market in 6 months
Reliance Industries is expected to place an order for 5 million smartphones, with the initial part of this order going to UTL Neolyncs. A person with knowledge of the matter has given this information. The company wants to bring this entire order in the market in the next 6 months. However, the company is aware of the shortage of chipset supply, which may affect the company’s plans. The company owned by Mukesh Ambani is bringing the device to the market on September 10.

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The phone will come with Jio and Google digital services
JioPhone Next was introduced by Reliance Industries at the AGM held on June 24. It has come as the world’s most affordable 4G smartphone. The price of this smartphone is expected to be around Rs 3,500. This smartphone will come with separate Jio and Google digital services. However, Reliance Industries has not said anything official about the price of this smartphone yet. UTL Neolyncs is a joint venture between Bengaluru-based UTL Group and Neolync Solutions.

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