Javagal Srinath put money in Koo, said – Supporters of things that make India successful

Javagal Srinath associated with social media company Koo (PC Javagal Srinath Facebook)

Javagal Srinath, associated with India’s domestic social media company Koo, gives a platform to people in Indian languages

New Delhi. Former India’s fast bowler Javagal Srinath (Javagal Srinath) has invested money in India’s domestic social media company Koo. Srinath, who was included in the country’s amazing fast bowlers, took this step on 20 March. Under this, he invested in Koo’s proprietary company, Bombin Technologies. He said that he is very happy to support Koo. He has been with it for a year.

They have been with it since Koo was launched in Kannada language last year. He said, ‘India is a very diverse country. There are thousands of dialects and languages ​​here. In such a situation, it is very important to give a platform to different voices. Koo is connecting people of Indian languages ​​to the internet through a platform, it is amazing. I am a great supporter of whatever makes India successful, in such a way, I support it with all my heart.

Javagal Srinath retired from cricket in the year 2003. He is currently a match referee. He is counted among the fastest bowlers in India. Shrinath, who was called the Mysore Express, joined Koo last year. At that time there was only Kannada language on this platform. At present, he has more than one lakh followers on Koo while on Twitter he has only 11,250 followers. They often post messages through Audio Koo. At the same time, the CEO and co-founder of the company, Aramay Radhakrishna said that Javagal Srinath has made India proud on the global stage. In such a situation, it is good for the company to support Koo.


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