Jamia University’s complete curriculum is going to change, know which new courses will come

New Delhi: The entire curriculum of Jamia Millia Islamia University is going to change. The entire curriculum is being updated according to the new education policy. On Friday, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Najma Akhtar gave this information.

He told that due to Corona, the students who are away from the university, it will be taken care of how they can get education. Many new courses are being started in Jamia. Many new paramedical courses are also being started. Their permission is being taken and courses related to foreign languages ​​are also being started.

Jamia completes 101 years of establishment
Jamia Millia Islamia, an organization born out of the freedom struggle and non-cooperation movement, completed 101 years of its establishment on Friday. In the Foundation Day function, the Vice Chancellor said that we have given important guidelines in the new National Education Policy. We have to follow them, that is our focus.

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He further said, in this Corona era, we found that we had less technology. Now we are trying to fulfill that. Now when the students come when the university opens, we will not be able to keep them in the hostels, because there are not so many rooms here, so now we are building new hostels.

Art exhibition organized on foundation day
The Vice Chancellor inaugurated (Virtual and Offline) an International Art Exhibition Incontinuum – Chiselling the Mind at MF Hussain Art Gallery where 101 works from 27 Central and State Universities from USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, UAE, Bangladesh and India were presented to be done.

Anjolie Ela Menon, one of India’s leading contemporary artists, was the special guest on the occasion. He did an interactive session with the teachers and students of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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