Jai Bhim controversy: Actor Suriya receives death threats, increased security at home

The film Jai Bhim, released on Amazon Prime Video, remains in constant discussion. The name of this film is definitely getting associated with some controversy. Due to some scenes, this film is now attracting the attention of many people. Recently, the Vanniyar community had raised objections about some scenes in the film. Even before this, there was a lot of controversy regarding a scene in the film. The Vanniyar community is continuously threatening the people of this film’s team.

Surya’s house security beefed up

The film’s hero Suriya is also getting constant threats now. In view of the ever-increasing controversy, now the security of Surya’s house has been increased. After his house located in T Nagar, 5 policemen have been deployed for his security. Let us inform that people of Vanniyar community say that many scenes of the film have tried to defame them. With this, he has demanded a total of Rs 5 crore as compensation.

There was controversy about this scene too.

Soon after the release of Jai Bhim, a scene became fiercely viral on social media. In this scene, Prakash Raj was seen slapping an elderly man. This elderly man tried to speak in Hindi in front of Prakash Raj. While slapping, Prakash Raj asked the man to speak in Tamil.

Surya had issued this statement

A few days ago, Surya has also issued a statement on his behalf. Suriya says that the team of his film did not want to insult any community. It was only after this that many fans came out in support of Suriya and his film team. With this #WeStandWithSuriya started trending on social media.


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