It is important to know the gap between two vaccines of Kovid-19, know the reason

The second shot of the corona vaccination requires a 28-day gap. Image Credit: News18 Hindi

Know Why Gap Between Two Shots Of Covid-19 Is Important: The introduction of the Kovid vaccine is undoubtedly a relief news, but between them all the difference between the two shots of this vaccine is also important only then it will get full benefit. Know why this is so.

Know Why Gap Between Two Shots Of Covid-19 Is Important: The creation and application of vaccine among Kovid-19 pandemic is certainly a relief news, but even after taking the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, you can still be a victim of it. Although it is not as dangerous as before, it will affect you lightly. For which you will not have to go to the hospital or even get admitted there. According to the Vaccination Program of India, it is necessary to have a 28 day gap (Gap) between two doses of Covishield. In India, with the introduction of vaccination, many people have registered for their second dose as well. However, in the midst of all this, a question is wandering in the hearts of people that what is the significance of the 28-day gap between the doses of Kovishield, so we are going to tell you today why this gap is necessary?

Know the importance of vaccination before the gap of Covishield shots

In the news published in the Indian Express, Dr. Farah Ingale, Director of Internal Medicine at Mumbai’s Vashi Hiranandani Hospital, states that Kovid-19 vaccination is a safe way to help increase protection against this epidemic. If you become ill, you can spread the disease to friends, family, colleagues and others around you. On the other hand, the vaccine helps in increasing immunity and also helps in breaking the chain of disease outbreak. According to him, both the Kovaxin and Kovishield vaccines available in India have gone through rigorous clinical procedures and tests, after which they have been certified for public administration. Although they are safe, but you should apply them only after consulting your doctor.

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The doctor explains that it takes about 2-3 weeks for the antibody to develop after taking the first dose or shot. Antibodies develop slowly in people’s bodies with the first dose, but with the second dose, this process is accelerated. Therefore, a gap of at least 28 days between the two shots is correct and necessary. Many countries are maintaining a gap of about three months to ensure that maximum number of people get vaccinated in their country. However, our approach in India is different from this. In our vaccination phase, the population size has been kept in mind so that people can get their vaccinations done on time.

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What to do between vaccine doses:

– Doctors say that taking the first dose of your vaccine does not mean that you will not get infected. You may still have COVID-19 after taking the second dose, but it will be very mild, and does not require vaccination. Will fall
When out in the crowd, stay away from the crowd and wear a mask.
Do not travel to such places where there is no way to know whether the people around you are vaccinated or not.
After vaccination, you may face common side effects like pain, mild fever, fatigue, body pain, so include more liquid things in your diet. In case of fever or pain, use a clean, cold, wet wash cloth in the affected area.
Eat a nutritious diet to improve immunity.
-Make sure you get a good sleep.
-The most important thing is that you should not consider yourself immune to dangerous viruses. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Related to before implementing them. Contact a specialist.


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